Ohia-Lihua Red



Ohia Lihua –

The Ohia-Lihua flower is one of the few honey producing plants native to the Hawaiian Islands. This flower is sacred to the Volcano goddess Pele as well as to the hula goddess Laka. The color of its blossoms range from the common red to the less common salmon and yellow. White blossoms are treasured and are considered sacred. The honey made from these blossoms is pale golden to almost white in color with a light delicate flavor. Ohia-Lihua trees bloom sporatically throughout the year in different areas between sea level t0 8,500 feet. It is one of the first trees to colonize lava fields.


Kukui Flowers 3



Kukui –

Kukui was introduced to Hawaii by the Polynesians who came and settled Hawaii. It is called a polynesian canoe plant and was vital to the survival of the settlers of the Hawaiian Islands. There are a multitude of uses for various products made from kukui. The nuts can be made into a candle like form of lighting. Kukui honey is helpful with burns, psoriasis and small injuries. It’s oil is helpful with skin problems and as a laxitive. The nuts can even be eaten in small amounts as a condiment. The honey produced form the Kukui flower is medium golden in color with a slightly nutty flavor. Kukui is still greatly treasured and appreciated by first nation Hawaiians and is the state tree of Hawaii. The flowers are creamy white and it blooms year round.


Christmas berry 5Christmas berry tree 4

Christmas Berry –
Christmas Berry was introduced from Brazil before the 1900’s as an ornamental tree. The berries can be dried and used to season fish, poultry and meats for an astringent like pepper flavor. The honey produced from its blossoms is medium amber in color and has a rich satisfying flavor. Christmas berry grows in wet, sunny lowland areas. Tiny white flowers bloom in the summer and fall seasons.




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Noni Flowers

Noni –

Noni was introduced to Hawaii by the Polynesians who came and settled Hawaii. It is a polynesian canoe plant and like Kukui was vital to the survival of the settlers of the Hawaiian Islands.There are a variety of uses for parts of the Noni tree. The leaves can be used to make eye drops and the roots were used to make dye. There are a multitude of medicinal uses including high blood pressure and diabetes. Although the fruit smells bad, it was used as a last resort famine food by the first Hawaiians. Honey from Noni blossoms is dark golden with a lovely robust flavor partly derived from the lava soil from which it springs. Noni grows everywhere on the Hawaiian Islands to upper elevations. It’s flowers are white and blossoms through out the year.


Keawe Flowers 4

Kiawe –

Kiawe is a tree introduced to Hawaii in the 1800’s. In other parts of the world it is known as Mesquite. In Hawaii it is a prime source of honey production. The blossoms produce a nectar that becomes a delicate, highly prized honey, in Hawaii. It grows primarily in the dry areas of the Islands. Kiawe’s flowers are yellow and bloom in May.



albizia tree (2)

Albizia –

Albizia was brought to Hawaii by botanist J. F. Rock in 1917 to help the sugarcane plantations preserve an overburdened watershed. It grows in wet to moderately wet lowland areas. This flowering tree gifts the soil by making it nitrogen rich. In western herb lore, Albizia honey is considered to be a very effective remedy for sinus and allergy relief. The flowers are creamy white and flowers during March in spring.


Java Plum Flowers

Java Plum –

Java Plum an India native, was likely introduced to Hawaii in the 19th century for its fruit. The fruits are eaten fresh, made into ice cream or Jam. Its honey is of the finest quality. Java plum honey is golden with a fruity accent. This tree grows well in most areas of the islands up to upper elevations. It particularly likes a wet or semi wet environment. It produces small, greenish white flowers from March to April.


Coffee Flower and beans

Coffee –

Coffee, a native of Ethiopia, was brought to Hawaii during the 1800’s. These beans are used to make coffee and is used in the flavoring of candies and liquors. The outer layer is edible and is slightly sweet. This tree grows well in wet to moderately wet areas at lower elevations. Coffee flowers produce a nectar that makes a delightfully sweet, light colored honey. It blooms mainly in spring and has small white flowers.


Bluegum eucalyptus 2

Eucalyptus –
Eucalyptus is a species of tree was introduced most likely in the 19th century. This tree provides many benifits such as wood for furniture and construction. It’s sap is used in the making of cleaners and insect repelant. Medicinal oils can be made from the leaves.The light amber honey produced from the flower nectar is of the finest quality. Eucalyptus grows in most areas in Hawaii and it’s white blossoms flower every two years.