Formerly known as Garden Island Honey, we produced and provided high quality honey around the Kauai Island. In this next step we are looking at the world.

     Our goal is to have flower specific honey available in season and to provide a high quality honey. The flowers the bees work with are organically grown and the hives are free of unwanted and un-necessary  chemicals. The blessing of the Kauai Island and the climate it is in helps this goal come true. We can safely say that we are as organic as you can get.
     Here at the GIH we would like to offer home grown, family owned honey from our table, to yours.
     With the Seal of Quality Certification of Hawaii, a gentle but firm nudge from the prestige Watanabe Honey farm in Japan, we would like to present this wonderful golden liquid of love and tender care.
It is truly a work of art!
     Have you ever wondered why honey is so good, or what makes it so special? We would like to share with you how our Creator has made this earth and the inhabitants in it in such a way that they are meant to live in harmony. This is how the honey is produced here at GIH. Here the bees are not forced to work, they don’t die due to exhaustion or weakened immune systems. The hives are healthy and rich. Just like they are supposed to be.
     We also extend this philosophy to our workers. Here they are built up to who God has created them to be and are recognized and encouraged in their giftings. It is no wonder such good honey is made!
     We hope you enjoy your visit here at our web-site.
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